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New CEO for CCA

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New CEO for CCA
by Jarad Rose - Thursday, 10 December 2015, 2:40 PM

To my fellow Community College Managers and CCA members,

Firstly, I'd like to take this opportunity to add my sincere thanks to  David Martin and Ben Grushka (former Chair and Deputy Chair of CCA) for the generosity and passion with which they undertook their responsibilities, especially the welcoming and inducting of new CCA  members and College managers.

I would also like to offer my thanks to Jarad Rose in the CCA Office who over the past few months  has been dealing with operational matters including the pre-conference and conference organisation in such a professional and efficient manner. Many thanks Jarad you did very well indeed. 

And of course thanks must go to the heroic Debbie Littlehales, where do I start, she stepped into the role of interim CEO and ran very hard to make sure that things kept going the way they should. Debbie worked miracles with a smile and cheerful disposition, sometimes even from overseas locations. Her efforts have been outstanding on any measure and on behalf of all CCA members I sincerely thank you Debbie for your professionalism and perseverance. We all hope that you can find time soon to get that rest and relaxation that you so richly deserve. 

As the new Chairmen of the CCA Board of Directors it is my pleasure to announce the appointment of the new CEO for CCA. Most of you are aware that the CEO recruitment process has been underway to find a replacement for our former CEO, Kate Davidson after her resignation in late August. This process culminated on Monday and Tuesday last week when the selection panel (of 3 CCA Directors plus an independent panel member) interviewed 3 high quality shortlisted candidates. After much careful consideration the selection panel then made a recommendation to the CCA Board, which subsequently endorsed the recommendation to appoint Dr Don Perlgut to the position of CEO of Community Colleges Australia. Don started in the role yesterday with an induction briefing with myself, Debbie and Jarad at the CCA Office in Sydney CBD.

Don Perlgut comes to the position of CEO with CCA with a strong background in adult, community and university education; not-for-profit and educational program management; marketing and public relations; and business development.  He has been the CEO or Executive Director of three organisations including the Rural Health Education Foundation (2003-2011.  Most recently he has worked as the Executive Officer of The Bright Alliance within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW (UNSW), running a cancer treatment collaboration with the Prince of Wales Hospital; and as the Deputy Team Leader of the Community Outreach Program of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). 

Don has also worked in adult educational programming at ABC TV (including developing two adult literacy TV series), and business development for the Australian Institute of Management and a start-up IT company. He holds a PhD in media/communications from Macquarie University, a Masters of City Planning (University of California, Berkeley) and a BA (Cornell). 

Don has demonstrated that he is a passionate advocate for community development and education and the CCA Board are confident that his relevant professional experience and impressive range of skills will be a huge asset to the future direction of the organisation.

On behalf of the entire CCA membership I warmly welcome you to the CCA family Don and look forward to working with you.

David Fuller

Chairmen CCA